begin minimalism and living naturally with me

begin minimalism and living naturally with kat m. stephens
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First, I am so happy you are here! But really, I am SO happy to be back blogging after a 4 month long hiatus; all so I can begin minimalism and living naturally. Which is why I stepped away from the original blog (previously Live 2 Thrive Blog) to have some time soul-searching. Then, I spent more than 2 months slowly creating my new home on the world-wide-web,! And obviously you found it because you are here reading this post, yay!

My Journey

So, here is my journey in a nutshell. Two years ago, I made the decision to uproot my lifestyle that I had become all too comfortable with to embrace one that values the simplicity of having little, but doing more. At the same time, I discovered how natural ingredients can heal my skin and body, so I decided to take the full jump into welcoming natural wellness into my life. It is life changing- more on that later!

It definitely was a rocky road after battling with an unhealthy relationship with eating healthy (ironic right?). Also, fighting through some anxiety over life’s unexpected twists and turns, but all that brought me a greater understanding of my passions, fears, and appreciation for the little moments of, you know, life. Which is why I have felt compelled since then to share my journey towards beginning minimalism and living naturally, but really just loving life more.

Where I Am Today

Now fast-forward too about November 2019 (btw all this took place in about 4 years, I said nutshell). I found a new passion of creating simple things through expressing my minimalist + boho style. It started with the glass jars…

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Then it transformed into an overall obsession of just creating: tapestries, watercolor abstracts, and leathered goods. Because if there is one thing that I have learned, it is that we all have to find some slow in our daily lives to thrive. Thus, the birth of PEOPLE THRIVE- my handmade shop.

The New Blog

Now, I know I am no where near being perfect & understanding the secret to life. So, I may look back on this post and think “little did I know”, but I think that together we can go about this journey of living to thrive. So, if you will be hanging around here on my new blog these are the topics you will find on a weekly basis…

  1. Minimalist Inspo
  2. Natural Wellness
  3. some Ethical Fashion tips
  4. & just relatable life chats ッ

I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle (no pun intended because I do ride horses) & having you join me! So, are you ready to begin minimalism and living naturally? If not, here’s a good place to start- check out my Pinterest! Click here see you there!

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begin minimalism and living naturally with me

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