create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin

create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin

My favorite thing about making my own skin care is the simplicity and that it can be personalized. Most brands create a one-size fits all product or don’t use the right ingredients for your skin. Which can lead to bad reactions or wasted money. I will say, natural wellness can be expensive because of the high quality of ingredients. So, here is how you can create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin with minimal, but effective, ingredients!

In all honesty, I first made this serum as a desperate attempt to calm and moisturize my skin. Also, I needed to use ingredients I already had to not break the bank. A challenge, but in the end I formulated a wonderfully simple face serum!

First Ingredient: Essential Oils

The face serum is so simple to create and customize for your skin’s specific needs. Personally, I have dry and sensitive skin. So, I needed a serum that contained Lavender. On the other hand, if you have oily skin you may want to use Clary Sage. But, lavender is really the holy grail of essential oils because it calms and softens all skin types. Also, Frankincense magically reduces wrinkles, scars, and acne!

So, if you haven’t guessed it my face serum contains Lavender and Frankincense to provide all-around nourishment! Although, feel free to be adventurous and research essential oils that can create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin. All skin is different!

Second Ingredient: Carrier Oil

Here, is the other way for you to customize your serum! The next and last ingredient is your carrier oil, because you must dilute essential oils before using them topically. A classic and amazing oil for skin in Jojoba Oil. It does not make your face extra oily if you have oily skin, but it does help to replenish. Also, for sensitive skin like mine, I don’t have to worry about breakouts! Although, if your skin is inevitably dry, try Apricot Kernal Oil. Once again, play around to create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin.

Create the Perfect Face Serum

Now, here is the breakdown of what you need to make the serum: a dropper. That is it! I actually reused a dropper from a pervious serum I purchased. If you know me, you’ll know I am a glass bottle hoarder and for this one time it came in handy!

In order to make the serum, gather your ingredients and dropper…

  • essential oils (lavender and frankincense for all-around nourishment)
  • carrier oil (jojoba oil)
  • dropper (1 fluid ounce to be exact)

This is the best part, because the face serum is coming to life! Also, it is so simple that I can explain it in one sentence. Here I go…

  • Fill the dropper 3/4 of the way with Jojoba Oil, the add 5 drops of Lavender Oil and 5 drops of Frankincense.

That’s it! Now, to finish it off, give the oils a good swirl to combine before each use.

Nourish Your Skin

The Lavender, Frankincense, and Jojoba Oil provide the essential protection your skin needs throughout the day. Just place 4 to 5 drops on your skin and apply evenly after cleansing in the morning. Be sure to still moisturize and your SPF!

(Pro Tip: the serum works amazingly in foundation to create a dewy, natural finish.)

Not only does the serum protect your skin during the day, but it will heal your skin a night! Before I go to bed, I love to do a gua sha session to release tension and promote blood flow- creating a healthy glow. All I need is a few drops of the serum to prepare my skin for the massage. But, even if you do not use a gua sha stone, just by massaging the serum into your skin at night it will be refreshed for the morning!

Finishing Up

Maybe you will be like me and create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin on a whim! Regardless, if you have been looking for the perfect product, the secret is making it yourself.

I’ll be honest, favorite pass time is finding new recipes for DIY wellness because I have discovered how natural ingredients can heal my skin and body. And this simple face serum is the perfect introduction to natural wellness or first step if you do not know where to begin! Enjoy!

I would love to hear the combinations your come up with, so be sure to leave them in the comments for me to discover new ways to nourish my skin! Also, join me on my natural wellness journey on instagram!

Keep thriving! – Kat

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create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin

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