top trends of 2020 I can’t get enough of

top trends of 2020 I can't get enough of

You and I have one thing in common. The love of trends. But, it is a fast moving world out there so it can be super hard to keep up. Especially if your are not a Pinterest addict like me. So, I am going to make it simple for you to catch up on the top trends of 2020 I can’t get enough of!

I maybe spend about an hour a day on Pinterest. In fact, it has gotten so out of hand that my boards get 14,000 monthly viewers! It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t proud. And the biggest board I have- home decor. In the past year home decoration has taken a big leap and is more popular than ever. Everyone wants the aesthetically airy and earthy home that welcomes any guest. While on the other hand, fashion has peaked and rested at minimalism. Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? The biggest craze right now is have less, but more high-quality clothing. So, basic styles and neutral colors are the essentials that clothing brands are filling their racks with.

But thats not all, consumerism is becoming more conscious as people choose quality over quantity. As well as, being more mindful of where their goods are coming from. So, don’t be surprised when you see the price tag on some of these top trends of 2020- because they can get pricey, but they look so good!

Top Decor Trends

Mid- Century Modern

I was born in 2000, so I obviously was not around for the original Mid-Century style. But, if you were, I am happy to report that it is making a comeback! Anything from geometric designs to minimal furniture can be found in furniture stores everywhere. Only if my mom kept her old furniture!

A simple way to incorporate the Mid-Century Modern style is to explore more than just neutral colors, but bolder ones. Also, embrace geometric prints, while keeping the home bright and airy.

Anything Rattan or Macrame

Woven accent pieces and Mid-Century furniture gives you the perfect balance between modern and bohemian. You can incorporate this trend by picking up some woven baskets and wall hangings. But, my personal favorite are the bamboo lights. Anything rattan gives your home the earthy feel that makes you just want to light a candle and relax. Then, a simple macrame wall hanging or plant holder is sure to gain some compliments.

Warm Color Schemes

Blush, burgundy, terracotta, and taupe are just a few colors that are being painted on walls, laid on beds, and featured on carpets. I am personally happy the cold tones are out and warm, inviting hues are in! While, my bed is still a pale baby blue I can simply bring in a terracotta throw blanket, paint my walls a pale blush, and add some more raw wood accents around my room. Done!

Top Fashion Trends

Neutral Colors

Working in Athleta and seeing our spring line come through I have noticed neutral and earthy colors have out competed our neons. This is all from the capsule wardrobe craze where more people are now creating their style with a common color scheme- thus making it easier to have less clothes. Next, time you find yourself browsing through a retail store, you will notice that neutral colors have taken over!

Crops Tops and High-Waisted Pants

The illusion of looking taller is very well achieved by crop tops and high-waisted pants. But, there is no right or wrong way for you to wear these styles day and night. Like, the overall style of high-waisted jeans with a boxy tee french-tucked is a classic or a crop top accompanied with high-waisted leggings is definitely here to stay.

Acetate Earrings and Hair Scarfs

Accessories are everything, and these two are perfect for anybody and anytime. Combining the two is just as simple to feature with your daily style. The biggest fashion trend overall is simplicity. You can have less, but still feel confident!

Top Lifestyle Trends

Plants Everywhere

Whether you have a green thumb or not, plants are now being used as home decor. But, nothing is better than decoration that purifies the air of your home and improves your mood. If I am being honest, there are so many plants out there that are impossible to kill- like the pothos or snake plant. Just head over to your nearest garden center and pick up a new plant baby. This is quite possibly the easiest one of the top trends of 2020 to embrace (just don’t forget your terracotta pot and macrame plant hanger).

Natural & Sustainable Skincare

Skincare brands must hate us now, because the biggest trend is natural ingredients and glass (or zero-waste) packaging. In the era of technology, we are now capable of discovering the truth about the harmful ingredients hiding in our favorite cleansers. As a result, more and more people everyday are switching over to products that have clean and safe formulas. (Psst check out how to create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin)


Of all the top trends of 2020- this is my favorite! We are all starting to take mental health more seriously. Yoga, meditation, spirituality, and all things healing are becoming less like an idea and more like a lifestyle. Mindfulness can mean different things for different people, but just by being aware of our energy and emotions we will be so much healthier as a society. Finally!

I Can’t Get Enough

Overall, the top trends of 2020 embrace minimalism, natural living, and sustainability. I mean, there is nothing wrong with that! Hopefully, I have caught you up on what there is to expect from the top trends of 2020. But, if I had to wrap it all up in one sentence I would say that in 2020 expect to see more of people making time to do what they love and surrounding themselves with positive energy. Now, if you’d excuse me I am going to start decorating my room, as I drink my matcha and diffuse some essential oils.

By the way, the images used as examples are ALL from my Pinterest! SO credits to those beautiful homes and outfits (sadly not mine…yet). If you liked what you saw, head over to my Pinterest to see more of the top trends of 2020 I can’t get enough of!

Keep thriving! -Kat M. Stephens

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top trends of 2020 I can’t get enough of

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