how to declutter to create a freeing space

declutter to create a freeing space

I have a motto- have less to live more. It simply means, with less space-cluttering possessions and time-consuming obligations, we will have the clarity to live a fuller life. We live in a world where consumerism is literally at our finger-tips and buying something now just takes a tap. Then, before you know it you have a room filled with possessions that just take up space and you are wondering how to declutter.

This happened to me. During my move, I found myself dreadfully staring at my cluttered room. I felt all the stress of having to box up things that just did not bring me joy or had no purpose. Then I realized, why would I want to make the effort to bring unwanted things with me? As a result, I made a decision to declutter to create a freeing space (and make the move a whole lot easier).

Now, it is not easy. You must be honest with yourself about what serves you. I caught myself lying by saying: “I might need this” or “I will use it when…”. Honestly though, it all was for the ideal “me”. You know that one top that you will wear when you are confident enough or the book you will read when you have the time. These are the toxic reminders you need to let go. Because they only remind you of who you are not or will never be. And that is okay! The moment you leave them behind you will be FREE!

How to Declutter

To make the process easier, there are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if the item is something that you truly love or need. It is like one of those magazine questionnaires that tell you what kind of Mac and Cheese you are (anyone else do those on long car rides?). Just run through the list and see where it takes you! Here is how to declutter…

  1. Do you love it? Like really… if yes go to question 2, if not let it go.
  2. Did you use it yesterday? If you have… go to question 3, if not wait 30 days and if it hasn’t been touched sell it, donate it, or (if you have to) trash it!
  3. Can you replace it easily? If it is an antique, a family treasure, or something valuable keep it. But, if end up needing it again, CAN buy it… if yes, go to question 4.
  4. Do you have specific place for it? Will it be proudly on display or have a forever home on a shelf, if yes jump to question 5, but if it is one of those things that is shoved in a drawer… viola you now have space!
  5. Do you want to maintain it? The biggest question! Do you have the motivation to clean it, fix it, or organize it… if you do hold on to it! If not, pass it on.

Whether you are straightening up your closet, your kitchen or your whole home you can use these 5 questions. Also, it helps to create three piles: trash (should be the smallest), sell, and donate. Then, send the things off to their new homes! Now, it is time for the fun part. Embracing the space.

Approach with A Vision

Okay, so your home is free from the clutter. Now you have an amazing opportunity! There is more space in your life, so how will you fill it- or not fill it? I found so much peace in this moment. Because I was looking at things I loved and saw more opportunity.

After you embrace this moment of calm, you may feel like there are now gaps in your space; an empty spot on the wall, or a missing piece in your closet from letting go of something you simply did not cherish. Ask yourself how you can fill it. Be mindful and conscious. Do not jump onto Amazon- I see you over there. Can you make something, can you display another loved possession, or can you find something of higher quality to bring in?

Create your own vision of a freeing space and remember it when you approach this task. (if you need some inspiration, read about the top trends of 2020 I can’t get enough of)

If you are having a hard time with this, here is how I envision a space that has been thoughtfully decluttered: I see light shining in, with minimal but very valuable artifacts, that when I look at them, I smile. I feel comfy, I feel calm, I am able to focus on myself and those I love. Now to be honest, I also envision my home filled with plants, handmade wall hangings, and cozy blankets, with sage incense burning. But, let’s focus on the lack of “things”! Keep it simple, keep it meaningful, keep it bright.

Create a Freeing Space

When you declutter to create a freeing space, your home is more spacious, bright, and calming. You are letting go of the past and embracing what is most important to you. All creating peace so you can finally relax and be unapologetically you. I love thinking of minimalism as not removing the things you love, but removing what distracts your from them.

Keep thriving! – Kat

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how to declutter to create a freeing space

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