how you can start a capsule wardrobe

start a capsule wardrobe

I did a poll on Instagram: “What are your questions about sustainability”. The most popular question? How to start a capsule wardrobe. To my surprise, it has nothing to do with saving the oceans or reducing waste… the only thing we hear about. Cultivating an ethical wardrobe confuses so many, because it is not a common topic. Well, guess what I’m doing today? I am making it a topic by sharing everything to know about ethical fashion, so you can start a capsule wardrobe ⋒

First, let me point out that my wardrobe was not always minimalist. I literally had the goal to have one shirt for every color of the rainbow (I thought that it would make finding an outfit easier). Well, it did not. Actually it made finding an outfit so much harder. Way too many options of pieces I didn’t really love. Also, I was buying fast fashion- low-quality clothing made only for the trends. So, when the trend died, my wardrobe went with it. It was this endless cycle of needing new clothes until pretty soon my closet looked like a clearance rack- a mess and uncoordinated. Relate?

So, What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of everlasting pieces that express your unique style- it is simple but purposeful. Some capsule wardrobes consist of only 20 pieces of clothing (goals!), while others can be larger, but are functional all year and for all aspects of life. All of the tips below come together and should, if done right, give you a capsule wardrobe without you even knowing it ッ

  1. Simplify your wardrobe by giving away clothing your no longer wear, love, or is no long in good shape
  2. Understand styles and colors you wear the most, and keep this in mind when buying new pieces
  3. Shop from ethical clothing brands when purchasing pieces you need
  4. Embrace what you have now

Simplifying Your Collection

The first thing I did was take a peek into my wardrobe and find the pieces that I loved and did not love (or have just made too many trips to the wash). Some items carry a sentimental value or represent the person you want to be; maybe you wore the dress on a first date or the jeans are there as a reminder of going to the gym. But, if there is a sense of guilt associated with the item- let go. Trust me, you will feel so refreshed and free. (if you need help decluttering read this post for my simple steps)

Embrace Your Unique Style

Now, stand back and observe your simplified wardrobe. You should notice a color scheme that just came naturally- same for the styles. Little did I know, I loved blues, rusts, and pearly whites… not the rainbow! Embracing your unique style allows you to have a good idea of your own unique style when you do go to buy.

Collecting New Pieces

Of all the tips for how you can start a capsule wardrobe this is the most important! After looking at your tiny collection of clothes you’ll want to fill in the gaps. Just pause, embrace the simplified collection for a week or two to understand was you truly need. I was able to go for almost 3 months without needing to update my wardrobe for the spring. And when the time came, I knew in what color, and what style.

My Favorite Ethical Clothing Brands

As you walk through the store, or let’s be honest scroll through the website, be conscious of the styles and colors you love- and already have. I love to try to cultivate a wardrobe that can be functional for both travel and the gym. Because that is a great way to save money and space. So, here are some of my favorite ethical clothing brands:

  • Athleta- a B-Corp that is perfect for clothing that takes you from the gym to the street. Some pieces (swimsuits especially) are even made out of recycled material.
  • Kotn- you cannot go wrong with any of their affordable, basic pieces. You don’t have to worry about loss of quality and style
  • Adidas x Parley- surprisingly sustainable! The collection makes workout shoes and clothes from recycled material
  • BullBoxer- high-quality, ethically sourced leather for the nicest shoes

*Side Note: Buying Used or Buying New

Here is a my quick honest opinion about thrift shopping. I do not personally thrift shop, because the styles were generally made for fast-fashion and do not hold up well. Also, I have this weird thing about wearing other peoples clothes (kinda irks me). I would rather buy ethically made, high-quality clothing that supports brands who are doing it right. As a result, everyone benefits because the brand is supported and I get a piece that will last me years to come.

Start a Capsule Wardrobe

I hope I have shed the light on everything to know about ethical fashion so you know how you can start a capsule wardrobe. I believe, to embrace sustainable fashion we must be conscious of where the clothes come from and how they are made. Also, we just keep it simple. If you still have questions DM me on Instagram or drop a comment below ♡

Keep thriving! – Kat

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how you can start a capsule wardrobe

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