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be better at taking pictures with your iphone

Photography has been my “thing”. You know, we all have that one skill or talent that just clicks (honestly, no pun intended there). Family and friends always asked me to share my work right when I picked up a camera. But, I am not really into that (while I did do some here and there) because I don’t take pictures for the attention or money. I want document the beautiful world around me! That is why you see so many of my pictures be of landscapes and nature. Like this cute little calf ↡

be better at taking pictures of nature & animals

Taking pictures is an art. There are certain ways to arrange certain elements, a method for getting the perfect lighting, and a trick to capturing the authentic moment. Some of these skills have come naturally to me, but others I’ve had to hone in on. I think this is what shy’s so many people away from photography. It takes an eye and it takes practice to be better a taking pictures.

So, what if I gave you some of my techniques so you can be better at taking pictures to capture the beauty in front of you- the warmth of the sun, the laughter, and the vibes that only exist in an image. Sounds lovely right?

Taking Pictures

Here are my tips to be better at taking pictures, whether you use an phone or a DSLR, of the world around you.

5 Steps to Be Better at Taking Pictures

  1. Before you take any picture, clean the lens with your shirt or a cloth! Especially your phone’s, cause it can get real dirty.
  2. Now, find good lighting. Natural lighting is the best! Also, watch out for shadows and direct light- think of a cloudy day as your best friend.
  3. If you need to zoom, don’t. It causes the quality of the image to be lost, so just move your feet or crop it later.
  4. Embrace candids. I love to capture life as it is happening- laughter, baking, walking, dancing. A plain pose does not reflect your unique self- embrace it!
  5. Keep it simple & the background clean. I cannot tell you how many pictures are cluttered or don’t have an aesthetic. Especially selfies in the bedroom… check that your floor is clean, please ッ plus if you need some help just simplifying your life read this post!
be better at taking pictures of yourself for branding

After the Shoot

Now, you have a whole collection of images and want to edit them, right? But, it is so much more than slapping on a filter and calling it a day. You have an idea in your head of how you want your picture to look- here is how to make it happen.

My editing process

  1. Crop & Straighten: Ask yourself: Is this image straight? Should anything distracting be cropped out? Is the focus of the image clear?
  2. Apply a Preset: Literally, presets are lifesaving. Once you find some you love, the editing process will be cut in half! (click here for my free preset!)
  3. Tweak: Not all presets work perfectly for every image because lighting, white balance, and colors are always different. So make some tweaks…
    1. Too dark? Decrease shadows or increase brightness
    2. Too bright? Decrease highlights or decrease brightness
    3. Too green or blue? Increase warmth and tint
    4. Too pink and orange? Decrease warmth and tint
    5. Haze-y? Increase blacks or contrast

Those are just some of the tweaks I will make, all simplified. I remember when I would do a photoshoot & I would be editing images for days! Because not only will I have hundreds of pictures but they all had to look the same. Oh, the struggles. But, it is always the end result of a perfectly lit selfie or a crisp sunrise that makes it all worth it. And looking back years later, I will always be able to remember that exact moment.

Importance of a Photo

To me, pictures are a moment in time, a memory. I can look back a remember the smell of honeysuckles in the summer. Unfortunately, pictures are now disposable things. They have lost their purpose and charm. Didn’t our great-grandparents take pictures only to document a memory- a blurry Fourth of July or a grainy game of ball?

Now, everyone has a camera in their hand and pictures are taken by a tap of a thumb. Though, the power that you have is so great, I only wish we all embraced this. A camera is not just for a selfie, a food pic, or your grocery list. Taking a picture makes you open your eyes, to see the thriving world around you.

Keep thriving! – kat

ps: one more time! If you want my preset (the last picture has it applied ッ) click here! I mean it is, free so why not?

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be better at taking pictures

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