becoming comfortable with where I am

becoming comfortable with where I am through embracing what you have now

Lately I have been manifesting the life I have always wanted. Because for so long I thought I was not ready for it. Didn’t have enough freedom, enough time, enough opportunity, enough success. This has been a limiting belief of mine- telling myself I am not ready to step into the life I want to live. But now I think I can say: I am becoming comfortable with where I am and no longer focusing on where I want to be.

Backwardness of Society

Society as a whole tells us we need to be something, right from the start. They start asking kindergartners who they want to be when they are older. While their answers are cute, it follows us all through school; to pick classes that coincide with the careers we want to have.

Even crazier, I remember having to take a placement test on what career suits me in sixth grade. So, basically because I love being outdoors and, yes, I can lift heavy objects I should be a construction worker. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now, we also have virtual-comparison-machines in our back pockets. With the tap of my thumb I am seeing the highlights reel of everyone else’s life. While, I am sitting on the couch watching New Girl for the third time around.

Don’t get me started on college. But, let me just add; after we grab our diploma and walk off that stage we have about 70 years (hopefully) to live a fulfilling life. If your diploma says interior design, does that mean you’re doing interior design until your retirement party?

My greatest goal in life is not the paycheck, the titles, or the accolades. It is to live a life that fulfills me and ensures that when I get through those 70 years I will be remember by my passion, liveliness, and impact. They don’t teach you this in school, though.

Where I am, Not Will Be

Literally, if you want to know, as I am writing this I am scrunched on my bed between pillows, with the window open to let in the cool morning air. I have eucalyptus & lemon diffusing, Free Spirit by Khalid echoing, and I have the birds singing in background.

Figuratively, I am in a place in my life (as of 03/29/2020) where I am working really hard to take what I envision my “future” self to be doing and making that my reality. Because, I have realized that there is nothing that says, congrats now you are ready to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Life is not a game where you unlock the higher level. The levels are already open for me to navigate to, I just have to remove this limiting belief that I am not ready. My consciousness knows what I want, but it is my subconsciousness that is pulling me away from me stepping into my highest self.


there is so much to say about deciding what you want your life to be like, then saying no to anything isn’t that. because if one thing is true, embracing your true authentic self, means no one can compete with you. it’s time to start living today- because life just moves way to fast to plan for tomorrow. ⁣

read that again. Embrace the words. Are you comfortable with where you are? Are you living your greatest life now? Or are you waiting for your future self to call you up and ask what’s been taking you so long?

Becoming Comfortable

I am writing this amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. During this time, we are all hunkered in our homes. I have embraced this time to live slow & take this opportunity of time to do the things I have wanted to do. One of them, meditation. Honestly, I don’t know what made me think I did not have time for a 5 minute moment of mindfulness, but here I am, starting now.

I had a moment while meditating where it just hit me. Like a bus. I have everything now- freedom, opportunity, time. I just have to step into it. The life I have, you have, is all you need to thrive. (read how to become more conscious, click here)

Becoming comfortable with the now, and using everything you have around you to cultivate a life you love is a success greater than anything else. Now, instead of looking around and seeing what I don’t have, I am getting better at noticing what I do have. This is something I practice everyday, some are harder than others. But, I feel it already as the Universe is working with me.

I don’t exactly know how I want to end this other than just a reassurance that we are all capable of becoming comfortable with where we are. You have everything you need to live the thriving lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. It is so freeing to know this! You have everything you need, now.

Keep Thriving! – Kat M. Stephens

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becoming comfortable with where I am

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