easy & low-waste dry shampoo

easy & low-waste dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo is a necessity of life, right? When I discovered that I can make it myself to save money, I was so excited! All it takes is just simple household staple too- it couldn’t be any easier.

Basically, dry shampoo is a lifesaver for when your hair just needs a little pick me up. But, the problem is most dry shampoos have ingredients that well… dry out your scalp & hair. Plus, they are not always low-waste.

Which is why making this easy & low waste dry shampoo is all you need & you’ll never buy it again from the grocery store. It is my favorite thing to be able to self-sustain! Being able to create something that we assume must be bought, is just so satisfying. Making wellness & self-care products yourself is great because it is almost (lets face it.. it is) always safe & customizable.

The Dry Shampoo has one main ingredient. It is arrowroot powder! Which is known as a baking ingredient, but it is also used to make hair softer, smoother, and less oily. Crazy right?! Also, for a pro-tip- if you have brown hair use unsweetened cocoa powder & if you have black hair use activated charcoal, so you can match your hair color!

How to Make Dry Shampoo

  1. grab yourself a wide mouth glass jar
  2. add 1 cup of the arrowroot power to the jar & your desired amount of cocoa powder or charcoal to reach desired color
  3. use a spoon to mix it all up evenly

Also, here are some tips for safe keeping! While it does not expire, be sure not to get the dry shampoo wet.

How to Use It

All you need is an old powder brush from your makeup & you are good to go! Dab the brush in the power & tap off any excess. Then, apply the dry shampoo to your hair (I don’t apply it directly onto the roots). This is why: I take my fingers and blend it in to my hair so it is more natural looking ◡̈

Wrapping It Up

I guess you can tell by now that I love DIY & natural skincare by the 3 (and counting) different posts! This one though is just a staple! I never not have this easy & low-waste dry shampoo on my vanity. Also, I have yet to make more… I’ve been using it since Summer 2019! I will definitely update this post if I get new ideas for upgrading this little DIY or if anything changes (probably won’t), but in the meantime- enjoy!

Keep Thriving! – Kat ♡

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easy & low-waste dry shampoo

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