11 ways i use less single-use plastic everyday

11 ways i use less single-use plastic everyday

I know we all understand the impact of single-use plastic. But, how many of us are taking the simple action to actually limit its presence in our everyday life?

A year ago, I remember being so inspired to throw out all the plastic in my life, but I had no idea how! Everyone just left me hanging and wondering how I can make a difference & save the planet… you feel the same? It took me forever to know where to even start. You can read this post to actually learn about how I got started ◡̈

Fast forward one year later & I have gathered 11 ways i use less single-use plastic everyday. There is something here you can implement in your everyday life to be a little kinder to the flora & fauna.

11 ways to stop using single-use plastic

  1. BYOB, Bring your own bag: I refuse to use plastic bags by keeping canvas or cloth bags handy. Just by keeping one in your car can make all the difference.
  2. Repurpose: If you do not feel like buying bags, use a small pillow case! Or if you don’t want to invest in glass jars save the ones from pasta sauces to use for low-waste storage.
  3. Go to markets: I love to support the community & the environment by buying local! Here, I know I am getting high-quality, fresh foods straight from my area. Less shipping means less packaging, less cost, and less energy.
  4. Invest in these travel essentials: Here is all you need to travel sustainably- a water bottle, a coffee mug, and a reusable straw (check out the FinalStraw)
  5. Buy fresh produce: Grab naked produce ◡̈ simply place it in your own cloth bag & rinse it with vinegar when you get home
  6. Support ethical brands: there are so many amazing brands who are practicing sustainability like: True Botanicals, Ambersea Apothecary, Athleta, even Madewell is being more conscious!
  7. Buy bulk: bulk products all come with minimal packaging and offer you the opportunity to use your own zero-waste bags or containers. Plus, they save you a little money in the long run.
  8. Opt for recyclable over convenient: instead of buying the item that comes in plastic, find a replacement that is packaged in paper, glass, or metal
  9. Make your own goods: Just by making my own food & skincare I have saved so much money & waste! Click here for all my natural wellness diys
  10. Buy less: I know, this is a hard one, even for me. But, I have limited my habits to buying items only when I need them (or I make them instead). As a result, there is less plastic being used, and overall less money & waste thrown away.
  11. Make beeswax wraps: This is a lovely replacement for plastic wrap, they are reusable and keep food fresh! All you need is cotton fabric, beeswax, & jojoba oil.

How to Get Started

First thing you can do is make little mental notes of what type of single-use plastic is being thrown away in the garbage the most. For me, it was plastic packaging for food. So, I made a goal to buy unpackaged foods, or make my own. It can be different for everybody, but even the smallest action can contribute to a healthier planet.

I want you to remember ditching single-use plastic should not feel like a chore. Instead , it should be a goal. Something you work up too and approach with an open mind.

Keep Thriving! – Kat

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11 ways i use less single-use plastic everyday

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