my daily life during quarantine

life during quarantine

While, playing with my new puppy, Calla Lily, I got a feeling of warmth & peacefulness. I had a wholesome sense that I am where I am supposed to be. My thoughts could have been wandering through my loss of a steady income or how differently life during quarantine is, but I was entirely in the moment.

Usually, I can mostly find myself focusing on what I should be doing or why something is not going perfectly. Because, society thinks that perfection & productivity are badges of honor. I have been trying to become more comfortable with where I am, not where I should be.

My Life During Quarantine

Early mornings & Late Evenings. A day filled of wondering where’s the puppy & how can I make the most of this day. Some days, I am a force rolling from thing to the next (rare). Most of the time, I am actually spending more time than I should on a task… thanks to the musings of social media.

As you all know, I love my morning matcha & listening to khalid- while drinking my matcha. But, one new ritual that has gotten me through this time spent at home is walking. I do a quick sunrise stroll with Calla and a brisk adventure with my mother. There is absolutely nothing better then spending more time outdoors.

Though, I am struck with self-judgement around 3 o’clock. I think that I haven’t done enough in the day. Forcing myself to continue on through this uneasiness, I usually end up on run or doing a workout (sometimes reluctantly).

Then, I finally calm my body & my mind during my nightly self-care routine. Or should I call it self-love routine. No judgement allowed here, because it is just me, myself, and I. Skincare, bullet-journaling, and reading a book (hopefully not being disrupted by a mindless scroll through my feed).

Messages From the Universe

Now, let’s get real. Spending more time at home leaves me with more time by myself. This can easily turn into an overwhelming session of “I need to do this, buy this, be this”.

Especially, finding space to be myself can seem near impossible. A drive up the road has never felt so liberating. I used to be a homebody, but the quarantine has been making me want to leave the nest more than ever.

If you believe in messages from the universe like me, you would also take seeing baby birds fly for the first time as a message to do the same…right?

What Has Helped Me

Honestly, creative expression & mindfulness has helped me the most. Because, being able to create something is a tangible representation of my passions & abilities. Also, slowing down my thoughts & putting myself within nature allows me to gain perspective.

Playing with Calla, outside in the warm sun with the birds chirping made me forget for just a second about my to-do list, my goals, my obligations.

Also, creating connections. Learning that we are not alone & there are others just like us is a sure way to find peace. I cannot express how grateful I am for the wonderful platform of Instagram. I have met lovely women who have added so much value into my life.

Simply, just living. The most wonderful days are the unplanned ones. Because, I always end up surprising myself with all that I had accomplished. Also, when there is no to-do list, you are more apt to do what brings you energy & joy. Just live.

Finally, if you can’t live it… cultivate it. I am a true believer in manifesting. Rather than dwelling, I sit down and create space for what I am searching for. When we believe wholeheartedly that what we wish for already exists the days seem much more romantic.

If you are having a hard time finding musings & inspirations, hop on Pinterest & create a board of only the things that light you up & make you say “I want that”. Every time you feel lost, go there and get inspired.

Where I Am Headed After

After… well, you know, the quarantine.

Above all, I have a new found respect for freedom. The freedom to sit in a coffee shop, to walk around in public, and to just see the world. So, quite literally I am headed on an adventure.

I believe that the pandemic is a sign to humanity to live with purpose & kindness. We forgot that we are not alone, so we were forced to be alone. Making us reach out, almost desperately for a connection. Also, the world has seemed to revive. As a result, being a clear reminder to be kind to others, but also the planet.

So, you will find me continuing my outdoor escapes & making my homemade goods.

Finally, I am not waiting any longer. The life I want, I will wildly go for it. I think we loose so much time planning, when we should just take action. Because, one thing I have found is that it never goes as planned. We never expected to be at home for 2 months without work, school, or our favorite coffee. So, the only thing we can take from this experience (for lack of a better word) is to just go for it.

My Message

Take your life during quarantine as a message to live your best life; love yourself + love the earth; and most importantly, be like the baby birds.

Keep thriving! xo Kat





my daily life during quarantine

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