Sometimes we just need remind ourselves to live slow- reconnect with passions, emotions, and goals. And, instead of looking outward, look within. We have so much power within us to make the life we want & it just takes being more aware to tap into this potential. It is time start bullet journaling to live […]

start bullet journaling with these spreads

Lately I have been manifesting the life I have always wanted. Because for so long I thought I was not ready for it. Didn’t have enough freedom, enough time, enough opportunity, enough success. This has been a limiting belief of mine- telling myself I am not ready to step into the life I want to […]

becoming comfortable with where I am

Photography has been my “thing”. You know, we all have that one skill or talent that just clicks (honestly, no pun intended there). Family and friends always asked me to share my work right when I picked up a camera. But, I am not really into that (while I did do some here and there) […]

be better at taking pictures

start a capsule wardrobe

I did a poll on Instagram: “What are your questions about sustainability”. The most popular question? How to start a capsule wardrobe. To my surprise, it has nothing to do with saving the oceans or reducing waste… the only thing we hear about. Cultivating an ethical wardrobe confuses so many, because it is not a […]

how you can start a capsule wardrobe

I have a motto- have less to live more. It simply means, with less space-cluttering possessions and time-consuming obligations, we will have the clarity to live a fuller life. We live in a world where consumerism is literally at our finger-tips and buying something now just takes a tap. Then, before you know it you […]

how to declutter to create a freeing space

The last thing I expected was that one day I would make my own body wash. It seems like one of those things that you think requires too many complicated ingredients. Right? But, I discovered the simplest recipe for an all-natural body wash! What really got me, one of the ingredients is honey…it is in […]

the simplest recipe for an all-natural body wash

Mid-Century Modern Decor

You and I have one thing in common. The love of trends. But, it is a fast moving world out there so it can be super hard to keep up. Especially if your are not a Pinterest addict like me. So, I am going to make it simple for you to catch up on the […]

top trends of 2020 I cant get enough of

create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin

My favorite thing about making my own skin care is the simplicity and that it can be personalized. Most brands create a one-size fits all product or don’t use the right ingredients for your skin. Which can lead to bad reactions or wasted money. I will say, natural wellness can be expensive because of the […]

create the perfect face serum to nourish your skin

First, I am so happy you are here! But really, I am SO happy to be back blogging after a 4 month long hiatus; all so I can begin minimalism and living naturally. Which is why I stepped away from the original blog (previously Live 2 Thrive Blog) to have some time soul-searching. Then, I […]

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