Lately I have been manifesting the life I have always wanted. Because for so long I thought I was not ready for it. Didn’t have enough freedom, enough time, enough opportunity, enough success. This has been a limiting belief of mine- telling myself I am not ready to step into the life I want to […]

becoming comfortable with where I am

Mid-Century Modern Decor

You and I have one thing in common. The love of trends. But, it is a fast moving world out there so it can be super hard to keep up. Especially if your are not a Pinterest addict like me. So, I am going to make it simple for you to catch up on the […]

top trends of 2020 I cant get enough of

First, I am so happy you are here! But really, I am SO happy to be back blogging after a 4 month long hiatus; all so I can begin minimalism and living naturally. Which is why I stepped away from the original blog (previously Live 2 Thrive Blog) to have some time soul-searching. Then, I […]

begin minimalism and living naturally with me