Simplified: Creating A Capsule Closet

March 14, 2020

I did a poll on Instagram: “What are your questions about minimalism”. The most popular question? How to create a capsule closet. I hear you & I have been there. So, let’s dive in & get your closet looking so aesthetic :))

First, let me point out that my wardrobe was not always minimalist. Actually, it was totally the opposite. You could look in and find every color of the rainbow (no LGBTQ hate ⋒). Which, is funny because I only wear 3 colors: white, baby blue, and coral. Also, I spent way too much money & time trying to keep up with the latest trends, while in total disregard to the styles that I actually love to wear. As a result, I would probably estimate that only 10% of my closet was actually worn. Not anymore though! In fact, now there are days when my closet is empty & my laundry basket is full because I wear everything! Goals right?

If any of this sounds like you, grab a Goodwill donation bag, take a sip of your Kombucha, & roll up your sleeves because we are saving your closet (& mornings)

No Fluff Definition of a Capsule Closet

The truthfully simplified and no fluff definition of a capsule closet is: an intentional assortment of high-quality (& maybe ethically made) clothes you love. There are so many ways to make a capsule closet. You can do seasonal, you can do multi-seasonal, heck it can be like 10 pieces. Just simply, a capsule closet should be your version of enough. But, most importantly it should be a reflection of your unique style. Don’t worry if you don’t know your style because I have a simple hack to figuring that out.

It is all about Simplifying & Styling

The easiest hack to simplifying your closet is to flip all you hangars backwards, then when you wear a piece return the hanger to its normal position. Normally go about your life for about 1-3 months. What you will discover is what you do & don’t wear, without having to spend hours sitting on your floor deciding if you like a top or not! 

Now, this is how you style your closet. Look at any similar cuts, colors, fabrics, or any details on the pieces you wore the most. If this doesn’t work, my favorite places for style inspo are Instagram & Pinterest. Pay attention to your saves and likes, this will help you get a good idea for the styles you are into.

The Fun Part

After I got rid of all the pieces I did not like, I was left with a very skimpy looking closet. Ya, this is what I was shooting for, but I had no pants or short-sleeved tops (basically only sweaters). So, this gave me a wonderful reason to go shopping! But, in order to stay true to my style I made a list of what I needed. I even hopped on Pinterest and made a mood board dedicated to my style. Also, I took my time. I did not go out & get everything in a day. It took me close to 3 months to acquire those new pieces. As a result, I ended up spending less money & found the perfect additions to my style.

Keeping it Fresh

There will come a time where you grow out of your style & the clothes you loved, well aren’t loved. I can’t avoid not addressing this because I think there is an unrealistic expectation that capsule closets can’t evolve. If you are shopping and unexpectedly you fall in love with a piece of clothing- get it. If you are not longer wearing that once loved top- donate it, someone else will love it. Style is not supposed to never change, so when the time comes to refresh your capsule closet, come back to this blog post & go through these 2 steps again. 

Concluding Thoughts

My capsule closet helped me get back my time & my style. No more am I wasting time trying to find an outfit. Also, it just makes me feel so comfortable in myself when I put on a style that I know reflects who I am. Not to mention, how aesthetically pleasing it is! I hope you found some inspiration & feel motivated to finally let go of the stigma of fast-fashion and trends (cause who cares?). We are our most powerful selves when we feel confident & free from society’s opinions. I take so much pride in my little capsule closet & I hope you can too!

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