4 Natural Ways to Capture Clarity

July 5, 2020

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Being a human, that kinda relies on my mind to feed me some creativity for my side hustle & get me through a marketing degree, means I need it to be functioning in tip-top shape. And if you are reading this, I bet you are a human too that likes it when your brain remembers that you needed to water the plants or any other mundane tasks that tend to slip away. Sure, you can take some sketchy supplement. Or, you can let nature do her thang & help you capture clarity!

About a year ago I chose to live a non-tox lifestyle, which included ditching all miracle drugs & trusting the power of nature to heal my body- from throwing out skin products to my artificial espresso shots (sorry, Starbucks). I discovered two things. First, it is hard. And second, it actually works! I was super skeptical that nature, as God created it, could give me the benefits I reaped. But, God created us too! We tend to forget that we are a part nature, which has basic, fundamental needs. So, when we meet those needs that is when the true magic happens.

So, let’s say you find yourself loosing your phone more than you’d like, drifting off into a daydream when you should be studying, or you just feel like a hamster in a wheel. Nature has a fix for that ✌︎

Let Me Be Clear

Before I dive into this blog post about wellness, let me be clear- I am not a doctor. I am just throwing it out there! I cannot share medical advice, but I can share stories & experiences. Trust your body, trust yourself, trust your doctor. And take my words as little insight into my world wellness :)) Now that I got that out of the way let’s begin!

Find Your Marbles

There are four natural ways for getting my mind back on Earth. And I say Earth because my mind travels to some crazy places. While I am writing this blog post I will probably wander off into a “what if I didn’t submit that essay?” rabbit hole. But, that is only if I didn’t prepare my mind for this deep work properly!

Some days are worse than others, so I may need all four fixes! While other days, I don’t need any (very rare). It is all about being conscious of where your mind is at, then handling it with grace. Don’t beat yourself up for being a little scatter brained, it is happens. Instead, let’s chat about how you can find your marbles.


I love the pun: it is a matcha made in heaven. Because it truly is! Matcha is known as the best coffee replacement for those who cannot handle the harsh hits of caffeine (me!). Without the crazy energy explosion you get from drinking coffee that makes you want to run a marathon. Instead, matcha steadily releases energy. Keeping you in the zone & perfectly energized to tackle the task right in front of you.


Kinda a debate topic, but let’s chat about CBD Oil. No, it is not a hallucinogenic & does not contain THC. So you are all good & will have to find another excuse for snacking! Although, CBD Oil is powerful in its own way of keeping your mind in the flow. I have found that on the mornings I put drops of CBD Oil in my matcha (yes, I am doubling up ◡̈), they are more productive. Simply because, CBD Oil allows you to be more in the present moment by calming the nervous system. Which is incredibly beneficial to my anxiety. There are so many CBD Oil brands out there so here is my recommendation: RE Botanicals.

RE Botanicals is leading the way in CBD as the first apothecary to be USDA Certified Organic. Offering the purest blends to ensure effective results.

My Favorite: 25mg Classic CBD Tinctures

What I Love: free from toxins, actively supporting regenerative agriculture, complete ingredient lists, transparent lab analysis


I just love completing my work space with sage incense. This intentional practice dates back thousands of years when dried sage leaves were burned as a cleanse from bad spirits. I guess you could call distracting thoughts bad spirits. It is believed that sage has the ability to release any negative energy that can be holding you back. As a result, this creates more space for the clarity you need for a intentional day.

Essential Oils

While I am careful with diffusing my oils around my pets (as you should be too) there are so many amazing blends for clarity & focus. Such as, peppermint & sweet orange. Before a test or creating content, I rub the blend of peppermint and sweet orange on my wrists. Not only is this scent super uplifting, but it helps to capture the clarity & focus for deep work.

Concluding Thoughts

There is so much happening all around us that it can almost seem impossible to just find the space we need to create. From notifications, deadlines, snacks, and all the things that pull us out of the zone. So, take some pages out of my playbook (doctors approval of course ✌︎). It is so reassuring to know that we do not have to rely on modern medicine to help us capture some clarity, instead mother nature can provide a little help. Which all just further deepens my respect and gratitude for the Earth. Like, how cool is it that a burning leaves can bring you the same clarity as an artificially sweetened gummy bear? I don’t know about you, but I will take natural remedies over the wannabes any day, because it brings me closer to my body & nature. So, I hope you loved the glimpse into my world of wellness & how I use nature to capture clarity!

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