Deep Dive: Brand Photography for Instagram

July 7, 2020

If you have a camera, you have photography skills. I promise! It is all about tapping into your style, getting inspired to expand your creativity, and of course practice. You will actually be surprised how much you already know, now you just need to hone in on those skills to really stand out! Because, Instagram is the platform of imagery. I mean there are polls showing that people look at pictures more than they read comments. So, that means if you have something to say you have to say it with on-point brand photography. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

So, this blog post is all about how you can do your OWN brand photography & do it right! All so you can make some sales (and save money. Win, win!). I will also provide some juicy tips for how you can develop a brand aesthetic. I will explain later why this is so important!


If you read the previous sentences & thought you don’t have anything to sell on Instagram, hear me out. We are all on the platform for a reason. Maybe you want to stay close to friends or maybe you are launching a start-up. Whatever you are there for, you are selling a STORY! If you are just a normal gal- you are selling your experiences with the world. If you are a business- you are selling a way of life. And we advertise these stories through squares (or rectangles).

What’s With Brand Photography

The goal of brand photography is to create a visual story. When I am setting up my studio I put myself in the shoes of the follower. What is problem am I trying to solve? What are her values? What inspires her? Who is she?

Once you have a grasp on who you are serving through these images & the story you are trying to sell, it is time to reflect on your brand’s identity. This will help you make a memorable presence. A business and a brand are two totally different things; a business sells and a brand connects. Yes, you want to sell, but you won’t be bringing in the bucks until your follower trusts you!

The best way to earn trust is by creating an aesthetic that is unique to only your business. This is achieved by colors, patterns, messaging, and values. This is what you want to capture in a single image.

Meet These Brands

Example 1: Sophie owns a natural skincare brand. She believes in the power of nature to heal. Every product is formulated with herbs and oils, and she packages them in zero-waste jars. Also, she believes in small-batches to keep the process low-impact.

She takes her own brand photos with her iPhone (cause it is easier that way & she can focus more on serving her community), and in each image she is sure to not only highlight her products, but garnishes them with herbs & sustainable props. Also, she features her brand colors of sage & blush with linen cloths.

As you can see, Sophie (an imaginary shop owner) keeps her style simple & organic, but stays true to her brand. Also, she uses her iPhone! Trust me, iPhones take surprisingly good images.

Example 2: Ally is a college student who finds so much joy in sharing the views of her morning walks & that super aesthetic coffee shop. She has always been on Instagram and finds so much community there with like minded women who are navigating the same season of life. 

Ally knows she is followed by a few other college attending & sunrise loving gals, so she speaks to them. By sharing her life, she is sharing a relatable experience.

YES! Instagram can be as simple as this. Ally (don’t know her, but I wish I did) is selling a lifestyle, while creating connections. Her little space on the world wide web is just as important as Sophie’s. While Ally may not be making a dime or a dollar, she is still serving through her brand photography. Because remember, brands create connections.

Quick Recap! So, every time you setup take a picture, plan the story you want to sell. Stay true to your brand’s colors, patterns, messaging, and values. You should know your ideal client like she is your best friend!

Show Your True Colors

By keeping the aesthetic consistent, you are creating an identifiable Instagram presence. So, every time you post your followers are excited to see what new product or message you are sharing! They will be sure to stop the scroll to double tap, comment, or click the link in your bio! Goals, right?

If you do not yet have brand colors or props, answer these questions to get a feel for the vibe your brand radiates! :

  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What is important to you as a brand?
  • What words describe your brand?
  • How do you want your customers to feel about your brand/product?

In order for your ideal follower to fall in love with your brand, you have to help them see that you are doing more than just trying to make a sale! Instagram was made for sharing images to make connections. Then, over time it has turned into the sole source of income for so many brands (which is so amazing)! It is a saturated market, so in order for your images to stop a scroll you have know who you are speaking to.

Concluding Thoughts

I love calling images visual stories. They have the greatest power to captivate and speak in the place of words. I believe my unique gift is being able to deliver an authentic and meaningful message through images. And with Instagram being the place it is, we need more of this. Don’t be the brand that slaps a plain flat-lay on their feed. Be the brand that creates a connection with their community by an intentionally curated feed. People are smart, they can smell a sales ad from a miles away. So, the best way to invite them into your little world wholeheartedly is to speak like a friend through :))

I hope this post did not blow your mind, but instead left you overflowing with inspiration! I could go on for ever because I truly want to see more connections being made on social media & brands achieving their greatest goals!

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