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July 22, 2020

kat m stephens photographyThis blog post is for you if you love non-toxic & sustainable self-care like me. If that doesn’t sound like you, then this post is still for you! Because, I have some refreshing self-care products to introduce to your vanity.

I am not one to go to a big beauty store. Because, I love to buy from small brands directly since this is the best way to support them. Also, I have had bad experiences with toxic products in wasteful packaging- so I love to buy from a brand I trust. But, I had just so happened to be walking by the new Sephora & I “just wanted to check it out”. Well, I did more than check it out! I was so impressed by their selection of non-toxic & sustainable self-care products, that I had to grab some.

I could not wait to share them with you, but I did make sure I held off on this blog post to actually see if these products lived up to my expectations. Which, I still would have shared my experiences so you can make better buying decisions if they did or didn’t work. BUT, I am happy to report that I think these six products are worth the investment!

So, enough of me chatting away! Let’s dive in!

Introducing Mind & Body Balance

Hair Care

I have thick & curly hair with a little frizz. So this untamable curliness made me an up-do pro. But, as of late I have been pushing myself to embrace my hair as it is. So, my goal is to repair my hair from the years of hair-ties & gain some confidence. 


The Everyday Shampoo: Gently cleans & hydrates ALL hair types. This coconut based shampoo gently foams to cleanse your hair without stripping it of the essential oils.

– Key Ingredients: Coconut Water, Aloe vera, & Sugar Beet Extract which lock in moistures, nourishes growth, & naturally detoxifies. Literally my new Everyday Shampoo!

– Pros: It smells amazing, feels amazing, and leaves hair weightless!

– Cons: Need a good amount to get a thorough clean (UPDATE! The trick is to wet your hands with the product with it to get a good foam. Then, as you are massaging your scalp add some more water)

The Supernatural Conditioner: Speaks my language: repairs damage & rebuilds strands. Use it as an overnight mask, leave-in conditioner or as the second step to this hair-care routine.

– Key Ingredients: Baobab & Amazonian Oils that restore breakage & lock in moisture

– Pros: The Supernatural Conditioner adjusts for to nourish all hair types and textures. Also, it heals split ends & smooths frizz, leaving hair super-soft and stronger than before.

– Cons: None at the moment!

The Endless Summer Spray: This is made with Sea Salt harvested in California! So, of course it gives my hair the post-beach day waves.

– Key Ingredients: California Sea Salt & Marine Collagen restores your hairs shine. Also, unlike many sea salt sprays it does not leave your hair crunchy!

– Pros: If you are planning on a day in the sun, it protects your scalp & hair from UV rays. Also, it helps curls bounce back & adds a little texture to hair that needs the volume. Did I mention it smells amazing?

– Cons: None at the moment!

BONUS!  If you ship your empty bottles back to PLAYA (for free) you get 15% off your next purchase. That was a huge selling point for me.

Skin Care

I have combination skin. Also, I am dealing with some hormonal acne. I am very protective of what goes on my skin, so I keep it minimal & gentle by avoiding harsh cleansers & treatments! I am looking for an effective mask that removes impurities. Also, I love a dewy  foundation to lightly cover my monthly breakouts. 


Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Mask: It says it all in the name. This mask is packed with minerals that clarifies all skin types, leaving skin oh so smooth and not super dry.

– Key Ingredients: Umbrian Clay & Chamomile & Sandalwood Oil work together to clarify, calm, and balance your skins complexion

– Pros: You can use it as a deep cleanser, spot treatment, or a mask! Also, it is so effective, but not harsh. So, you are safe to use it as your skin needs. Another plus, it comes in a glass jar!

– Cons: None at the moment!


Skin Tint SPF 40: I have 2 of these! Two different shades for the tan & not so tan, me. My mother and my sister-in-law have tried my Ilia Skin Tints and were obsessed with the weightless coverage. I get so many compliments on my dewy & smooth skin when I have it on.

– Key Ingredients:

– Pros: This is a tinted mineral-serum that evens skin tone, softens imperfections, and protects your skin from UV Rays. Also, it is buildable if you need more coverage.

– Cons: Plastic Bottle, but it is an amazing product that I will continue to buy despite.

BONUS! The ILIA Skin Tint goes on even smoother when used after the True Radiant Priming Serum, trust me I’ve tried. Also, same as PLAYA, you can freely return your used packaging to ILIA (tbd if there is a reward for your efforts) xo

Mind Care

I try not to forget about my mind’s health, but it is hard! I am a serial overthinker. Also, while I may think that I support my mind & body sometimes I am missing some vital supplements. So, I am also down to try a new natural method to getting back some peace-of-mind.


SuperYou Daily Stress Management: It does so much more than handle stress. There are no artificial fillers, it is vegan, & it sustainably sourced. Bringing you the most effective blend for capturing some clarity.

– Key Ingredients: Shatavari Root Extract, Organic Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract, Organic Amla Fruit Extract, & Rhodiola Root Extract. Simply, these four herbs regulate cortisol to reduce stress’s effects on the mind & body. OMMMM :))

– Pros: The benefits include hormonal balancing to energy boosting to mind calming. I even, experienced improved focus & gut health (my stress is held in my gut ✌︎) . Also, it comes in a glass bottle!

– Cons: Funky taste

PRO TIP: If you have classes starting again, like I do, get ahead of the stress & get this supplement.

Concluding Thoughts

I tried to keep this as simple & straight to the point, so you can get the most information in the easiest way possible. Overall, I am so happy I unexpectedly purchased these products! I have experienced exactly what was is advertised on those aesthetic bottles (I love pretty packaging). Let’s just say, I am wearing my hair down more, I have a boost in creativity, & my skin has less impurities! If anything changes, I will be sure to update this post.

As an influencer, it is almost my job to be the tester for do good products. Sometimes, I find myself more excited to share with you all my recent purchases more than anything else! So, I hope you enjoyed this this post about my Sephora Haul & choose support these brands!

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