A Retro Summer Personal Photoshoot

August 14, 2020

I got the inspiration for this shoot from the retro summer style of the west coast & untamed landscapes that can be found within the desert. 

It had been over a year since I did a portrait session because I have been so caught up in mastering my product photography style. But, needless the session went perfectly & the results are exactly what I envisioned.

We arrived at an untouched clearing next to an Ingles around high-noon. I know, so many photographers just gasped because “you should never shoot midday”.  Well, I did & I couldn’t be happier. I wanted harsh shadows & bright landscapes, and that is what the Georgia summer gave me.

Featured Pieces: Athleta Conscious Crop, Madewell Silk Camp Shirt, Bullboxer Boots, & Target Boyfriend Jeans

Camera Gear: Canon 80D & Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens

Concluding Thoughts

I loved every second of this retro photoshoot!  It felt so freeing to create without an end-goal, just a vision. I didn’t have deadline or anything.

We all need the freedom to just create for the sake of creating. I hope you enjoyed this post & found some of your own inspiration. If you have any questions about photography, I have some resources on my Instagram Reels & some more posts that you may find helpful.

If you loved the imagery as well, I am open to personal branding sessions in or around Atlanta! I love connecting with fellow conscious brands & creatives to help their communities fall in love with who is the beautiful soul behind the brand they love! Learn about my services here!

This post contains affiliate links. So, when you make a purchase using the links I have provided above I will make a small commission. This commision is what is supporting me and my business. Thank you!

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