A Balanced Morning Routine for A Busy Life

August 17, 2020

My mornings are fairly simple.

I do not believe in Power Mornings. This is the method of waking up & getting everything done before breakfast, which puts the attention on the to-do list & takes it away from caring for yourself.

I do not want to wake up worried about getting that paper done or the knocking out laundry before 8. I want to wake up excited to use my favorite cleanser while listening to Khalid or taking Calla for a nice walk. Could just be me!

My morning routine has a flow that guides me from one self-care ritual to the next, to make sure I have cared for my whole body before I get down to business. Which fuels my mind & body for my busy day ahead.

My Balanced Morning Routine

Wake Up Screen-Free

I wake up without looking at my phone & instead I take a moment to just think. You don’t need to be cluttering your fresh mind with social media. For one thing, this can negatively influence your day because you are taking in ideas, actions, & opinions of others when you need clarity.

Play Music for Good Vibes

Once, I get up I then unplug my phone & play some Khalid. His good vibe songs just make me flow through my self-care routine. They also give me something to stretch with.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

As my Khalid is playing, that is when I dive into caring for my skin. I always cleanse, tone, & moisturize. Sometimes, if I am feeling a little more anxious in the mornings I will do a slow gua sha session to relieve this tension. But honestly, it feels so good & I usually just do it for the benefits of plump & dewy morning skin.

Go for a Morning Walk

After I care for my skin & I love on Calla for a bit, we load up to go to our local nature trail. This is quite honesty what makes me jump out of bed every morning (and if I am being completely honest, one of the adventures I looked forward to most when I first got Calla).

Being outside, waking your body up, getting fresh air is the BEST way to energize yourself for the day ahead. Another thing I do not believe in is doing a HIIT workout first thing in the morning. My body is naturally stiff & my mind is usually overthinking, so just being present during our morning walks are all I need for a fulfilling day.


Drink Water

It is important for me to note that I have had at least 10 ounces of water before 8:00am. This is so important for your body, skin, & mind.

Take Daily Supplements

With this water, I take my supplements & vitamins. Usually, I take a Seed Daily Probiotic, but they are on pre-order! Also, I take the Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Management Supplement. All together, I am balancing my mind & body for my busy days.

Make a Filling, Healthy Breakfast

Of course I make a filling breakfast every morning. And I have my breakfast before I do any workout, homework, or chore. Because I don’t know about you, but I cannot function on an empty stomach. Also, if I don’t eat a big breakfast I crave more sweets & end up snacking more.

I am definitely Team Big Meal. Are you Team Snacker?? : ))

Some of my favorite breakfasts are oat bowls & toasts.

Set Intentions

After breakfast, it is showtime. That is when my day truly begins. But, I never start it without setting my top 3 intentions. Also, I use the categories- Life, Health, & Business- to stay well-rounded. Examples of some intentions are:

  • Life: Spend time decluttering bedroom
  • Health: Do a face mask
  • Business: Writes pitches to send out

Once I have my intentions set, I maintain my flow by staying moving, staying slow, & staying positive.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope my routine was a little inspiration for you. Having a fulfilling & energizing morning routine is so important to me. Especially when college classes begin again, I will be so thankful that I have already established a routine that motivates me to begin my day.

If you want some more inspiration for creating your own mindful morning, I have made a 25-Minute Morning Routine Checklist for even on your craziest days, but it does not fall short on nourishing your mind & body! CLICK HERE

Here are some templates you can share on your IG Stories!

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